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Biering, Bodil

Lean Six Sigma Practitioner with a Teal Twist

Copenhagen, Denmark

English, Danish

I believe that every person have important contributions to bring into the world, and my mission is to create environments and opportunities for those contributions to unfold. Integrate seemingly opposing views and build connections between groups where they are needed. I combine a background in math and computer science with a spiritual approach to life - I love the grounding energy of yoga and meditation. Showing that it is possible to make work easy and fun while producing extraordinary results, I bring a grounded yet playful energy to the workplace and easily motivate people to join the game. Great communication skills and a talent for explaining complicated stuff in a down-to-earth way that brings everyone on the same page. Ultra brief CV: PhD in mathematics, 10 years experience with agile software development in various roles, lean six sigma green belt.


Lean six sigma Agile Self-management Tech startups

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