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Byerley, Mieke

Community Host, Biomimetic Clockworx Founder and COG, Human Centric Organisational Analyst, Developer, and Evolver. Neo-Generalist passionate about Humanity.

Auckland, New Zealand

English, Dutch

I have 10 years experience in Retail, Hospitality and Tourism and 10 years Corporate experience in Trade and Utility Networks across the Australasian Pacific region. With a background in Payroll, HSQE , Training, Procurement, Business Improvement & Development and Change Management.

I gave up my career in preference for being a fulltime mum, addressing the incompatibility and misalignment in my life. I left with two overarching Questions which have direct my life since then:

1) Why is there such a disparity in engagement across the spectrum of collective enterprise?

2) Why are the establishments born to extend the capacity of the individual through leveraging the collective , failing, becoming toxic, septic and indeed destructive to the individuals?

Since 2014 I have been and still am an active member in the Teal community. Contributing to Enlivening Edge, Teal for Startups, Teal NZ, Holacracy (incl. Constitution), U.Lab, The Economy for Common Good, Responsive Org plus many more.


Certified Holacracy Practitioner U.Lab Graduate

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