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Judež , Jure

Entrepeneur by heart, who finds joy in transforming industries by creating amazing workplaces for people that deliver amazing services.

Ljubljana , Slovenia

Slovenian, English, Croatian/Serbian

I believe most of todays organizations are still run on outdated principles from industrial era. The new world requires new ways of working together. I believe in empowering people by trusting them to decide for themselves about their lives and their future. And I believe the role of the leaders today is to help them to achieve just that.

I don't consider myself an expert in anything. I do however see my talents as being the following Understanding people Enterpreneurship Listening well Getting to the point Understanding true leadership Passion for learning Simplifying complex things Perserverance And my specialized knowledge comes from the fields of:


IT computers software use design architecture 3D and VR Getting things done Automating things Marketing Photography

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