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Kuppens, Joris

Semco Style Consultant

Utrecht, Netherlands

English, Dutch

My goal: more employees whistle on their way to work because they are co-entrepreur. I'm fascinated by the observation that many organizations state that their employees are the most valuable and at the same time employees feel that they are not sufficiently appreciated and not really able to say what they think. That's why we established Semco Style Healthcare: maximize passion, professionalism and fun at the workplaces in healthcare. In our VUCA exponential world organization walls, mistrust, control systems and dogmatic absolute impediments. The basic principles of Semco Style Health Care, are: Trust, Reducing control, Self-management, Extreme stakeholder alignment and Creative innovation. And those topcis are exactly what the present society needs and that is exactly what we want to achieve with the Semco Style Healthcare. Less rules, more confidence and autonomy will lead to more whistling people who are on their way to work.


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