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Marczi, Julia

Corporate renegade, advocate of conscious business, community lead, catalyst, life enthusiast.

Berlin & Budapest, Hungary & Germany

English, German, Hungarian, Spanish

I am facilitating the emergence of conscious business. After years of unfulfilling work I have managed to escape the corporate world and now I am working on changing the system and make it more humane. My vision is a world where business is purposeful and sustainable, human potential is embraced and empowered and society is more equal, connected, and caring. I work toward it by building the network and community of global consciousness and by leveraging frameworks and movements like Mindfulness, Teal, Purposeful Business and Social Entrepreneurship. Without an expertise in a certain area, I consider myself a generalist interested in the Big Picture and the patterns. I often dive into unknown areas without any previous knowledge and learn them by doing. At the moment I am building the community of an innovation hub for sustainable smart city projects in Berlin.


Learning Sales (Social) Entrepreneurship Optimism

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