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Mourao, Mariola Wittek

Change Consultant, Teal Coach, Organisational Psychologist co-creating next-stage organizations together with… you!

Munich, Germany, Poland

German, Polish, English, French

I'm a Munich-based change consultant / coach / facilitator / trainer with - over 8 years’ experience in guiding the implementation of large-scale change initiatives impacting systems, process, and cultural change - a good understanding of our nature as social beings and an inherent trust in the power of human agency. - a life's mission of helping the world take the journey towards becoming teal, self-organized, people centered… So in various settings I try to hold the space for organisations and communities to grow around this topic. Spaces where people can gain courage, experience, inspiration and all kind of support for this journey… spaces which will help us co-create the working world we’d like to live in.


Change Management Top Team Development Executive Coaching Bottom-up and viral Change Community Building

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