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Penna, Ryoichi

CEO at Tribo. Helping myself and organizations to be more coherent. Learning about and consulting on culture transformation.

São Paulo, Brazil

English, Spanish, Portuguese

At TRIBO Purposeful Transformation, Ryo has been working closely with executives in eight countries in cultural transformation, leadership development and teambuilding projects, with a focus on developing purpose and values-driven organizations. As facilitator, he has worked in contexts ranging from workshops to C-level executives in big companies to communities living in the Amazon rainforest. Before starting Tribo, Ryoichi worked at Fundação Estudar, a Brazilian NGO focused on developing young talents. In 2014, as President of Brasil Júnior (Brazilian Confederation of Junior Enteprises) he was the responsible for creating the Junior Enterprise Global Forum, where the first shared vision and objectives for the junior enterprise movement worldwide were developed and agreed upon. He was a speaker at TEDxLaçador, with the theme "The Wisdom of Questions".


Culture transformation facilitation teambuilding speaking mentoring

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