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Tangelder, Jessica

Host of Transformations @ Host2Transform

Amsterdam, Netherlands

English, Dutch

As an sociologist, organisation Anthropologist, business Innovator, applied Improvisation Theatre practitioner, political scientist, global citizen and entrepreneur, I approach the world in a systemic and interdisciplinary way. By connecting the dots in our rapidly changing world, I help people, businesses and organisations to create clarity in an uncertain future. At Host2Transform we empower change agents/though leaders - (emerging) entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, executives - to unlock their potential and that within their work environment (individuals, teams, organisations and societies). It is my purpose, life project, to help scale the "change movement" for us to experience vitality, meaning and innovation in our daily (work)life. To help you ease and sustain transformation to reinvent yourself and help you purposefully design your life, work, business or organisation in a purpose-driven way, to nourish freedom of choice, health and wealth across the globe.


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