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Van Looveren, Freek

Freek Van Looveren, organizational designer, author of ‘De Kleine Laloux’, Reinventing Organizations in short

Antwerp, Belgium

Dutch, English

Freek Van Looveren works as an organisational designer at the provincial administration for the province of Antwerp, Belgium. He supports teams and groups with reorganizations and change projects. He also works as an independent consultant. “The book Reinventing organizations was like an eye-opener to me. In my work as a consultant I use a lot of the techniques described in the book: appreciative inquiry, talent management or participatory leadership. While I use them for a one time shot in a team trajectory or a day out with the group, Frederic shows that you can use these techniques to run your organization.” Freek wrote a short version of Reinventing Organizations (de kleine Laloux) in Dutch and gives training and lectures on self management.


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